Road trips are in our blood.  We have been going on road trips for as long as we have been able to drive - and that has been for over 40 years.  Originally they were with a tent but have over the years progressed to several travel trailers, a class C, an old gas class A, a new diesel class A, several a 5th wheels, and currently a travel trailer.

Our trips have taken us around the US several times as well as transversing most of Canada.  They have recently included just the two of us but at any given time have included from one to five children and up to three dogs.

We have stayed in primitive campsites that had to be hiked to.  Stayed in federal, state, county, and municipal parks across the country with no hookups to full hookups with cable.  Stayed in private campgrounds from the worst to the most luxurious.  Stayed on top of mountains, in the swamps, right on the ocean, lake, river, as well as in the desert.  We have stayed in just about every type of place you can imagine.

Our stays have been for just overnight to seven days or more.  

And what we have learned we want to share with you as stories, helpful hints, and travel guides.

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